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This is a site about a solar greenhouse
I am building that is 26 feet long 14 feet wide using a combination of  Hydroponics and Aquaculture. With pictures and updates on what I am doing Wright or wrong. along with links to other sites where I get help and supplies to make it all work

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The original idea for this project came from the book:
Title: Backyard Fish Farming 
Author: Bryant, Paul             

Another place that is using this type of system is:
 S&S Aqua Farm 

They have a good article on this type of system.

Click here to see pictures of The University of the Virgin Islands, Aquaponics and Tilapia Aquaculture Short Course June 23 - 29, 2002

Click here to see pictures so far

We hope be selling produce  tilapia and Freshwater prawn to The Tucson area soon.

Click here to see what is done so far 
the material used and where they came from 

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Try this NEW Site
Aquaponics Library  

NEW Here are some other recycling systems that I tried.
that can be built almost any where!

IF You Are having trouble finding a suppliers for The type of fish you 
want to raise.
 There is a search engine out there called
That will find a list of suppliers for any fish in most Countries

The search part is here
just type in the name of the fish you are looking for and it will find a list
click on the fish and it will ask what country.

I used it to find the following fish in the USA:


Red Betta fish
(Latin Name)
Betta Splenden

Koi Fish

Macrobrachium rosenbergii (Giant River Prawns)

Here are some pictures of different types of tilapia you can raise.

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